Rockin’ 21!

Members of Down Syndrome Galway have released a new song to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.

Look & Listen Here:

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Basically tell everyone to play our Rockin’ 21 song/video on March 21st as it is

and our song is a celebration of all things Down Syndrome.

Basically, Claire wanted to raise awareness of people with Down syndrome & wrote a song from a child perspective ‘what it’s like to be me’ to celebrate

World Down Syndrome day on March 21st.

World Down Syndrome day

Look & Listen Here:

Claire Lavelle, who is the mother of 12-year-old Alex, a cherished member of Down Syndrome Galway, brings a wealth of experience in music and drama. Thankfully, Claire decided to put her talents to work for the benefit of Down Syndrome Galway by penning the amazing song, “Rockin 21,” aimed at spreading awareness and promoting inclusion.

From Claire’s kitchen table just weeks ago, this remarkable team has evolved from warming up their vocal cords to forming strong bonds as singers and friends, all while having a blast along the way.

We invite you to join us in celebrating inclusivity with your family and friends near and far by singing along and supporting our cause.

As we approach World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, Claire, along with Yvonne Flynn & their dedicated team of friends & siblings of children with Down syndrome, are launching this incredible song to commemorate the day and raise essential funds for Down Syndrome Galway.

Look & Listen Here:

Claire & Yvonne worked alongside siblings & friends of children with Down syndrome who sang along with Claire on the track. They first met up in Claire’s kitchen and in a few short weeks were in the studio recording the song. We would like to thank everyone who helped us make it happen.

Singers were:

Claire Lavelle (Mum), Ashleigh Lavelle, Robyn Holland, Ella Maloney, Caoimhe Griffin, Lydia French Creavin, Cillian McCarthy & Patrick Quinn.

Huge Thank you to:

Gerry Fahy in Sounds Technical Studios Galway sites

Martin Fahy:

Fahy foto Cregmore 

A&T printing, Athenry:   

Murt Fahy: Murtography:

Look & Listen Here:

About Down Syndrome Ireland Galway Branch:

Down syndrome Galway is a charitable organisation which provides information, support and friendship to people with Down syndrome and their families in Galway City

and County, working towards an improved quality of life with respect and acceptance of people with Down Syndrome as valued members of their community.

The volunteering efforts of the DSG families have been the core to the success and development of the organisation since its inception in 1985.

​39 years on, DS Galway continues to provide activities and support to over 250 members with Down syndrome and their families in Galway city and county – from newborn right up to Adulthood​. DSG aren’t a service provider or affiliated to the HSE in any way and receive NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING.

Everything achieved is only possible because of the dedication and energy of our various family members and volunteers who give of their precious time voluntarily to ensure that the funds are there to continue to provide these vital services.

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), observed annually on March 21st, was chosen to symbolise the triplication of chromosome 21, signifying the uniqueness of individuals with Down syndrome.  CHROMOSOMES R US – a celebration for World Down Syndrome Day (

The aim is always to create opportunities for social and personal inclusion and integration in the Community and anything that you can do to help us achieve this would be very gratefully received.

Advocacy and support organisations, such as Down Syndrome Galway, play a crucial role in promoting acceptance, inclusion, and opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome to thrive. Through initiatives like the Rockin’21 song, awareness is raised, and vital funds are generated to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Look & Listen Here:

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Lyrics are included here below for you to Sing

Look & Listen Here:

You can see me

Standing there

Don’t be afraid

I watch you stare

I’ll teach you a song

So you will see

What it’s like to be me

I may look a bit different

I just need time

To learn the things like you do

And that’s just fine

My heart is the same

The beat goes on

I rock an extra, chromosome 21


With love and support

My learning grows strong

To live in this world

Where I know I belong

So please include us

Help us sing our song

Rock with us

On March 21


Clap Along with



The Rockin’ 21 song

The Rockin’ 21 s-o-n-g

Rockin’ Twenty – One!

Look & Listen Here:


Look & Listen Here: