Education Support Pack (UK)


The STRANDS publication aims to equip primary teachers and special education teachers with a wide range of instructional strategies that can be used to facilitate participation and learning among children with Down syndrome and general learning disabilities.

ICEP Course in Educating Children with Down syndrome in Mainstream Education

AllocationAllocation of Resource Teacher Support to Children with Down Syndrome

The Minister for Education & Skills has announced the introduction of an interim scheme of provision for students with Down syndrome who are not currently supported in mainstream class settings under the scheme for low incidence allocations. This scheme will take effect from the commencement of the 2015/16 school year. The closing date for school applications is Friday 17th April. Schools will receive an allocation of 2.5 hours for each eligible student.

Click here to view the announcement made by the Department of Education and Skills
Click here to view the NCSE’s Information Note for Parents and Schools
Click here to view the application form for use by schools
Click here to view School Guidelines for Interim Scheme

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