We propose 5 Colourstrings music classes with Veronica Dempsey for 0-2 & 3-4 yr olds and if it is successful and parents are happy to continue this can be arranged.
The Colourstrings approach encourages a love of music from an early age. https://www.facebook.com/colourstringsireland/about/?ref=page_internal
This approach takes children on a magical world of adventure where they meet all the characters from Musicland.
The children are barely aware that they are learning, when in fact they are absorbing a great deal through direct multi-sensory experiences involving the entire body; singing, creative movement, and active listening games.
The children travel to Musicland where they meet Mummy, Daddy and Baby Bear and are introduced to musical rhythm patterns in a very gentle step by step approach.
The class lasts 45 minutes. It has a warmup, activity, warm-down structure.  After some hard but fun work, class usually ends with ‘music appreciation time.
Many thanks, Gráinne & the DSG East Centre Committee