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We aim to provide information, support and friendship to people with Down syndrome and their families in Galway City and County, working towards an improved quality of life with respect and acceptance of people with Down syndrome as valued members of their community.

We recognise the importance of early intervention and developing communication ability.

We aim to create opportunities for social and personal inclusion and integration across the age spectrum

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Lámh’s aim to support children & adults living w/ intellectual disability in #Ireland to #communicate. Heather #Lámh Tutor shows how to sign AIM. Try this #NewLámhSign it's #LámhForAdults 😀 See the story of Lámh's development over 40 years http://bit.ly/LámhStory


This needs to be done now! Our most vulnerable are suffering exponential waiting lists for essential SLT services, these really should be classed as an “essential service” and should not be targeted to fill gaps in contact tracing. @DenisNaughten

Galway Bay fm News@Galwaybayfmnews

Call to consider former members of defence forces for contact tracing in bid to return speech and language therapists to Galway - https://galwaybayfm.ie/?p=83715

National Sharing Day Adult Disability Services Webinars.
"Working towards equity and equality for people with disabilities in Ireland” @HSELive

Dates: 12th & 26th November, 3rd December
Queries email: disabilitiesqi@hse.ie

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