#63DaysOfWalking…Lets Get Moving

Hi, my name is Aoibhe and I am 15yrs old. I have Down Syndrome. This means I have 3 copies of chromosome 21, most of you have just 2.

This is a picture of me and my Mom and my very special dog Punky.

Together we are starting #63daysofwalking to celebrate my 3 copies of chromosome 21 (3×21=63).

Did you know that only 1 in 10 children between the ages of 10 and 18yrs are getting the daily recommended amount of exercise which is 60 minutes per day. My Mom and I have undertaken this initiative to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for all and whilst doing this to raise much needed funds for some great causes.

Please join us on Monday April 19th as we start #63daysofwalking and take a walk everyday to get fit & healthy, but most of all just to have fun. I am raising money for 2 causes very close to my heart that support people with Down Syndrome in Galway. Some of the money raised will also go to the school I attend,  St. Joseph’s Special School Galway.

Click here: www.idonate.ie/DearbhlaFadden

My Mom and I are using a visual calendar to tick each day we complete our walk,

you can do this too & there’s a cert from DS Galway to fill in your name on completion of your #63daysofwalking

Please also share details of #63daysofwalking with your wider group & local community (see attached) together we can change this & have fun doing it.

We would also love if you could share your starting walk photo with us.

Simply send to Carmel – Email info@voicesforgalway.org or WhatsApp 0876448277

Now Lets Start Walking on April 19th

Aoibhe Cooley and her Mom Dearbhla Fadden