A lot has happened in Down Syndrome Galway over the last 5 years ………..

This is only a small taster of what has been achieved by a small group of Parents/Carers with a family member with DS.
Sometimes we need reminding as Committee members why we are doing this.
Fatigue has set in everywhere with the year that we have had but it has also made people prioritize, think of others, and be up for a new opportunity.
And joining your DSG Branch could be yours..
Our branches are run almost exclusively by volunteer parents, working in committees in their spare time, providing members with a wide range of services and social opportunities for babies, children, teenagers and adults with DS and their families.
But after giving so much of themselves, some have to move on from their role held on the committees.
You may wonder why should I care and why not someone else?
But the Branch isn’t us – it’s you!
It’s every member with DS and their parents, carers and siblings.
When you are wondering why we aren’t running something or providing something that you believe someone from DS would benefit from
– come and put it on!
It is that simple!  We work as a team, to support and help you get it off the ground. (no one is left to do everything on their. own)
We need your ideas, energy, enthusiasm…. and a little bit of your time.
We need to ensure that in 5 years time that we have a new set of photos to look back on and
if we don’t get people on our committees NOW it just won’t happen.

We would love people who are as passionate about our DS Community as we are, a group that will represent people with DS from Birth, right up to Elderly Adult with DS

So if you are ready to make an impact on the DS Community – Get involved!
If you like to be part of:
DSG Branch Contact:                 Pat Coyne                  pat.coyne@inishbofin.com      or 087 285 0812
DSG East Centre Contact:        Gráinne Ní Allíun   dsgevent@gmail.com                 or 087 411 9510
DSG West Centre Contact:       Valerie Beatty         vrbeatty@gmail.com                  or 087 767 9670
Remember, these photos don’t do justice to the impact that we have made to the lives of our members with DS
and to the friendships that have come out of these events for parents and siblings also.