Don’t struggle on alone, our Counsellor is still here for you anytime, Free of Charge

This change in our weather can make Life a little greyer.
Don’t struggle on alone, our Counsellor is still here for you anytime, Free of Charge.
You can now see Mary Face to Face if that is what you prefer. The phone and the online option are also still available.
As we have to get used to a new way of life, the Summer holidays, end of  schooling &  changes to routine, etc
please take comfort in knowing that there is support available to you whenever the time is right for you,
Free of charge.
Maybe you would like some play therapy for your child
feel that your young adult with DS could do with a listening ear
maybe it is Sibling of your child with DS that could do with talking things out with a neutral person.
Mary Kilraine Hannon, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Play Therapist is there for you all.
Please be assured that your privacy is guaranteed and that
All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence by Mary.
We will send regular reminders & you will find links on our website/social media also.
Take Care of yourself & those around you.
From all in Down Syndrome Galway Branch