Job Opportunity, for Members – F&B assistants, SULT NUIG

As per email sent to branch members, SULT in NUIG are recruiting F&B assistants for September.  A copy of the email with contact details is below,

“Dear Branch members,

I am currently recruiting for F&B assistants for September.

Sult NUI Galway is operated by the Students Union Commercial Services Ltd.

We are a progressive company and are constantly striving to become more inclusive at every opportunity.

We have a very busy turnover for lunch between the hours of 12-3.

I am enquiring as to whether there were two adults with  Down Syndrome looking for part-time work 12-3 Monday to Friday?

We only operate during college term time, roughly 12 weeks then 4 off.

We have an inclusive policy here at the university and I’d very much like that to be reflected in the staff, everyone part of the community.

The F&B assistant position advertised is inclusive of Barista, Deli, Floor & Bar work.

However, I see the potential for us to broaden our staff base to include you the members.

I’d like to propose that if we are fortunate enough to recruit a branch member that initially you would be responsible to help clear tables during these peak service times.  As your employment continues we can then discuss other areas.  However, meeting to discuss will provide a better understanding of what you may be capable of contributing.

The available hours are 12-3 Monday – Friday, only applicable during the college term timetable.

Initially, hopefully one of you may consider the position.

I am based on site Monday – Friday 8-6pm and would like to meet and discuss at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,

Joe Lyttle

Operations Manager”


Mobile: 087 287 5563