Lots of Socks – March 21st 2022

Wear, Share and show you Care

Every year we ask Galway City & County to join us for  World Down Syndrome Day on Monday the 21st of March and support children and adults with Down syndrome throughout Galway by getting involved in our Lots of Socks Campaign. 

To take part in this event, all you need to do is pick out your most colourful socks,  wear them on World Down Syndrome Day, share a picture of your socks with friends, colleagues, classmates online on March 21st or in the following week, and show you care by creating awareness.

The idea is to start a conversation, when people ask you about your amazing socks, you can tell them,

“I’m wearing them to raise awareness of Down syndrome”. 

Our goal this year is to share the idea of inclusion for all children and adults with Down syndrome around all aspects of life which include being part of our communities, participating in education, getting the right health services and employment. 

Maybe you would like to run an event? Ask for a donation from all Sock wearers? Run a competition? 

Maybe the 21st of March isn’t an ideal day for you – we like to think of it as an Awareness month

The important thing is to get people talking about Down Syndrome.