Millennial of the Year Competition – 24th Nov

We are looking for a graduate family member, aged between 18 – 30 years, sister or brother or parent of a person with Down syndrome, to get involved,  to represent their branch and be part of a very exciting competition:

The Millennial of the Year Competition 

Accenture  (see below for more information) have 100 millennial graduates from Accenture, Intercom, PWC, Tech start-up and KPMG and are running a Millennial Ball on 24th November in the Mansion House.  This will be an Award Ceremony to celebrate The Millennial of the Year 2018, there are a number of other award categories that will also be celebrated, it will be a very prestigious evening.

Accenture are asking if we could include a family member of a person with Down syndrome, it could be their sister, brother or indeed parent to represent their branch and be part of The Millennial of the Year Competition. They need to be a third level graduate and age between 18-30 years (Millennial).

The 100 graduates will have a leader and a mentor  which could be a millennial celebrity (we are working on that at the moment) who are going to encourage, motivate and support  each graduate if they need help. They want to raise €100,000 for Down Syndrome Ireland Employability Programme (see below for more information) and all money raised will be used for this very important programme.  While fundraising they will be competing to win the title of ‘Millennial of the Year’  and other award categories.  The graduates are all asked to raise €1,000 or over.

Accenture are a huge professional organisation and will give lots of support & tools to help the graduates raise funds, they will be working in teams of 10. Communication will be done online to avoid the graduates having to travel except for the two dates, launch and awards.

If we can have 25 graduates (age 18-30 years) representing each of our 25 branches, they will be part of the 100 Graduates team that will be competing for the Millennial of The Year at the Accenture Millennial Ball.   It would mean one graduate from each branch.

Please don’t let distance interfere with your decision, it will be all done online. There are two events they will have to attend:

Millennial of the Year Launch (kick-off party) 26th July – venue to be confirmed

Millennial Ball Sat 24th November

 If you have a Son or Daughter who would like to be part of this , they will be part of the graduates that are raising €1,000 or more.

Please let me know if you need more details