Rock Your Socks for the month of October

After not being able to run our street collection for LittlSocks on World Down Syndrome Day back in March 
we are getting ready to RocYouSockin October in support of Down Syndrome Awareness Month
Thanks to all the wonderful hand knitters out there, 1000 pairs LittlSocks of have been knitted and pinned together. The LittlSocks are being safely packed in individual bags and come with a card that has a brief description of what they are where they came from and what to do with them….
Wear the LittlSocks for the month of October to show your support for the Down Syndrome Community! 
We need to get as many LittlSocks to as many people as we possibly can and we want to see people wearing them and sharing it with us.  We will be looking forward to receiving pictures of people wearing the LittlSocks  
on their coats/jackets/hats or even masks if you want to really stand out! 
We have 1000 pairs of LittlSocks to share, if you would like to help spread them around – let us know by contacting 
Ruta on 086 4081472 or Carmel on 087 6448277 or emailing 
and we will find a way of getting packs to you.
If you choose to donate to LittlSocks – there are a few options….through Donate Now OR @