Summer Education Programme 2021 (formerly July Provision) for all Primary Schools & Special Schools

The Summer Education Programme 2021 (formerly July Provision) has always been an area of confusion for families, and I am afraid this year is no different, but this is the latest information from DSI but be aware that it is changing all of the time.
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Don’t forget that Children starting primary school next September are also eligible for the home-based programme.
School-Based Programme:
There has been a slow uptake by schools for this because of a variety of reasons. 1 being Staff are paid for their work on these programmes, but sign-up is voluntary. Also, some can only offer in-school provision to less than half of its pupils for just one week as it cannot staff the programme and rates of pay for the scheme differ between teachers and SNAs.
I have contacted all of your schools to ask them to really consider running this programme. Having had such a short school year has really impacted our children but until you contact your school to flag your interest, they may not bother. My school just decided to put it on, 10 until 2 every day for 2 weeks at the end of June but they say that it takes a while to organise so get onto your school straight away and encourage other parents entitled to this programme to contact them also.
Home–Based Programme:

The Home-based programme is available when schools do not offer the programme or because not all children in a special school are offered a placement.  For some people, the programme being based in their home will suit but if it doesn’t suit you ask your school to consider allowing the use of the premises to teachers/SNA’s. Some schools allowed this to happen last year. You will source your own Tutor, but they will have a time slot (organised by the school) to use a classroom. This offers a lot more structure to the programme if that is what you want.

Sourcing a Tutor:
This has always been an issue; a good starting point is the @Julyprovision group who help connect Irish Parents and Teachers for any educational needs:
They have a great simplified explanation to the Programme.
If you have no luck there, get back to me and I can create a database of available tutors similar to last year to match you up with.
If School is your ideal option, Please contact them as they still have over a week to apply but nothing will happen unless they know that there is interest – worth asking.
I have included some interesting articles below.
Take care everyone.